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Core Values - It's All In Our Name

Our company core values help us to determine if we are on the right path and fulfilling our goals, by creating an unwavering guide. Core values are what support our vision and shape our company culture. They also educate our clients and potential customers about what we as a company are all about.

O - Outstanding Service

H - Honor

A - Anticipate

N - Nimble

A - Accountable

Outstanding Service is what we strive to provide both in the field and in the office. When you call to ask for something, we aim to make every interaction a pleasant experience with our technicians and office staff and want to show in all of our interactions that our commitment is always to our customers. Part of our Outstanding Service core value is to always be on time, have excellent communication with the property managers, and stay on top of all current and future projects.

We Honor our commitments and our promises. We respect our clients and each other. Our technicians are on the honor system every day; they show up on time and put in an honest day of work each and every time they are on site.

We try to Anticipate our customer's property needs before there is even a chance to ask for repairs to be completed. Our goal is to be proactive. Our technicians keep stock light bulbs and ballasts ready and and on-hand for when replacements are needed. One example of the way we Anticipate is by helping our customer's budget larger projects that are on the horizon for their property for the upcoming year.

Our technicians are Nimble in the field, looking for solutions that may be outside-the-box. Especially during Covid-19, some of our technicians had to be incredibly nimble, bouncing around to different properties where special projects needed to be completed. They may wear many different hats working on plumbing, to electrical, to carpentry, to painting, all in the course of a day. Our office staff also strives to be nimble by working to arrange the schedule to accommodate any last minute requests or emergency situations.

We hold each other and ourselves Accountable for the commitments that we make. We complete the jobs we start, on time and within budget. Our office staff focuses on keeping our technicians accountable for their day-to-day responsibilities by updating work orders as requests come in and communicating any changes as they arise.

And finally, the word Ohana means "family" in the Hawaiian language. Not only is Ohana Building Services Group family owned and operated, but we also foster an atmosphere among our team members that encompasses family values: hard work, respect, compassion, responsibility, and kindness.


Lisa D. Bessette

Customer Success Manager at Ohana Building Services Group


We care for you and your property, so you can care for your customers.

Ohana BSG provides comprehensive building and facility maintenance and repair service throughout the Colorado front range (including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs). We help building owners and property managers keep their buildings in excellent condition with preventative maintenance and our staff is also available 24/7 for any emergency needs that may arise. We specialize in commercial, medical, office, and retail buildings. Our team of technicians is trained in plumbing, electrical/lighting, carpentry, and exterior maintenance. Call us today for a customized quote to service your building!

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