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Providing a First-Class Tenant Experience on a Budget

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Do you know what amenities your building occupants want most? Do you feel like those amenities do not align with your budget?

Preventative maintenance and repair services

What are the most critical things to provide your tenants with, in order to provide them a first-class experience in their space? Looking at it from a budgetary standpoint, let's breakdown the answer to these questions into three categories: basic needs, amenities, and cool perks.

Basic Needs

The first step in providing a quality experience for your tenants is making sure all of their basic needs are met with excellence. Your building maintenance team should be providing the preventative maintenance you need to keep your building clean, safe, and comfortable for your tenants, which includes air quality control (changing out your air filters on a regular basis), safety (keeping the interior and exterior of the building well-lit and maintaining functioning entryways, elevators, and stairs), maintaining an appealing building appearance (keeping the grounds and interior clean and well-kept), and keeping the building functioning (all faucets, toilets, soap, and paper towel dispensers in working order). Ensuring your tenants have access to a clean, functional space and have quick and clear communication from you, their property manager, is number one on the list of basic needs. It doesn't have to break the bank to make sure your tenant's basic needs are all being met.


The basic needs of your tenant must be met before you can move on to the next category of the amenities you offer. It is important to collect insights of the things your tenants consider important before you make a significant investment into an added amenity. A study conducted by a property management solutions software company found that some of the top amenities that tenants want are public wi-fi, gym access, food/coffee provisions, and meeting/event space. These are all nice-to-haves that set your building apart from other commercial real estate properties, but are not requirements. Consider adding one or two of these items for your tenants to improve their experience. Keep in mind that not all amenities need to be on-site to add value for your tenants; they may be easily accessible nearby.

Cool Perks

Finally, are the cool perks, or luxuries, you offer your tenants. These may be the first items you trim when trying to stay within a budget. These are things that your tenants don't necessarily need, but are just fun for them to occasionally take advantage of. Things such as dry-cleaning and delivery, small social events, access to discounted services such as yoga classes or massage therapy, as well as cell phone charging stations.

The bottom line is, you can't skimp on the basic needs. You need to provide that solid foundation before adding on the extra amenities or cool perks. Amenities may provide your tenants with a certain level of convenience, but if the air quality or safety in your building is lacking your tenants won't care about discounted yoga classes. Basic needs always come first - provide those with excellence.

Ohana Building Services Group cares for you and your property, so you can care for your customers. We offer weekly maintenance services starting at 3 hours per week and access to 24/7 emergency coverage. Contact us for a customized estimate for your building.


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Lisa D. Bessette

Customer Success Manager at

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We care for you and your property, so you can care for your customers.

Ohana BSG provides comprehensive building and facility maintenance and repair service throughout the Colorado front range (including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs). We help building owners and property managers keep their buildings in excellent condition with preventative maintenance and our staff is also available 24/7 for any emergency needs that may arise. We specialize in commercial, medical, office, and retail buildings. Our team of technicians is trained in plumbing, electrical/lighting, carpentry, and exterior maintenance. Call us today for a customized quote to service your building!

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