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Ensuring Safe Water in Your Buildings After Prolonged Closure

According to the CDC, the temporary shutdown of a building and reductions in normal water use can create health hazards for returning occupants. To avoid some of these potential microbial hazards, prior to reopening after a period of building inactivity, be sure to check these areas of concern off your list:

1. Flush your water system

  • Flush hot and cold water through all points (showers, sink faucets, etc.). Flushing may need to occur in segment, depending on building size and water pressure. The purpose of flushing is to replace all water inside building piping with fresh water.

  • Flush until hot water reaches it maximum temperature.

  • Other water-using devices, such as ice machines, may require additional cleaning steps in addition to flushing, such as discarding old ice. Follow water using device manufacturers' instructions.

2. Clean all decorative water features, such as fountains

  • Be sure to follow any recommended manufacturer guidelines for cleaning.

  • Ensure that decorative water features are free of visible slime or biofilm.

  • After the water feature has been re-filled, measure disinfectant levels to ensure the water is safe for use.

3. Ensure cooling towers are clean and well-maintained

  • Ensure that cooling towers are maintained (including start-up and shut-down procedures) per manufacturer's guidelines and industry best practices.

4. Ensure safety equipment including fire sprinkler systems, eye wash stations, and safety showers are clean and well-maintained

  • Regularly flush, clean, and disinfect these systems according to manufacturers' specifications.

  • Ensure that the tower and basin are free of visible slime, debris, and biofilm before use.

Please visit the CDC website for more guidance on reopening buildings after prolonged shutdown or reduced operation.


Lisa D. Bessette

Customer Success Manager at Ohana Building Services Group


We care for you and your property, so you can care for your customers.

Ohana BSG provides comprehensive building and facility maintenance and repair service throughout the Colorado front range (including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs). We help building owners and property managers keep their buildings in excellent condition with preventative maintenance and our staff is also available 24/7 for any emergency needs that may arise. We specialize in commercial, medical, office, and retail buildings. Our team of technicians is trained in plumbing, electrical/lighting, carpentry, and exterior maintenance. Call us today for a customized quote to service your building!

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