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We're open and here for you!

We hope this post finds you well. At Ohana, our goal is to provide reliable service you can count on, in good times, and even more importantly, in challenging times. In keeping this commitment, your safety and the safety of our employees will always be our top priority.

As COVID-19 affects a growing number of people in our communities, we are prepared and are taking steps to ensure we'll continue to be there for you to meet your needs and the needs of your building. Here the steps we are taking:

  1. Our technicians will be wearing rubber gloves and changing them out frequently, and will be washing their hands as often as possible. And, we will be wearing masks.

  2. We will continue to service all common areas, and perform our checklists.  However, to minimize face to face contact, our technicians that have multiple tenants in their buildings will not be checking in with each suite unless we’ve been asked to be there.  Your tenants should be encouraged to email us ( for any issues inside their suite. We will take care of all requests in a timely manner; however, as usual any emergency should be called in (303-766-1880) for the quickest response.

  3. We are also asking our technicians to limit, when possible, as much face to face interaction. We will be texting or calling to interact with each property's contact.

  4. Our Technicians have been asked to take their temperature multiple times per day.  If they show any signs of illness, they are required to leave immediately. 

As always, our team will be working every day to deliver our services to you. As we take these prudent precautions and put our preparedness plans into action, we are strongly focused on the health and safety of our team members and everyone in the communities we are honored to serve.

We would also like to add if there are any projects (remodeling, painting, cleanout, etc.) that have been avoided because of the inconvenience to your employees, now would be an excellent time to perform this work while many employees are working remotely from home. If we can do anything to help you and your tenants throughout these times, please feel free to reach out.

We will be monitoring closely any new developments and will respond accordingly.

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