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Curbing Cross-Contamination: The Benefits of Touchless Fixtures

In an effort to keep their tenants healthy and curb the spread of bacteria and disease, many property managers are electing to replace public bathroom fixtures in their buildings with touchless (hands-free) fixtures. Below are some things you can do to create a completely touchless bathroom in your facility.

Automatic flush toilets and urinals

The first benefit you may think of when considering an automatic flush toilet or urinal is that the user does not have to touch the same surface that other hands have touched over and over. Germs are everywhere and they are easily transmitted from hands to handles. Those germs will remain on the surfaces and transfer to others, until the next deep cleaning. Another important benefit of installing an auto-flush toilet or urinal is they help keep odors down in public restrooms by ensuring they are flushed after each use.

Automatic faucets

Touchless faucets are designed to have a low flow rate and auto shut off when not in use, which helps with water conservation. No more dripping or running faucets! Conserving water is both environmentally responsible and financially beneficial. Cleanliness is another benefit of an automatic faucet. You can avoid the spread of germs entirely with a simple wave of your hand to operate the faucet, never having to touch a surface to get the water flowing. Not only are touchless faucets convenient to operate, they are also safer. Why safer? Because you can adjust a fixed temperature setting to protect sensitive hands from hot water burns.

Automatic soap and paper towel dispensers

The beauty of automatic soap dispensers is that they never come in contact with germs or dirt. They also dispense a set amount of soap to the user, which can help cut down on costs that come with o Manual soap dispensers can get overused when people pump them multiple times to dispense more soap. The beauty of an automatic soap dispenser is that they dispense a set amount of soap to the user, which can help cut down on costs. The same is true of automatic paper towel dispensers. The decrease of cost and waste can be quite substantial.

Hands-free doors

Your tenants have used the public restroom and escaped without having to touch a toilet or sink handle. They have had soap automatically drop into their palm and, with a wave of their hand, have retrieved a paper towel. Then, when they go to exit the restroom they are faced with having to touch a dirty door. Our solution to this problem is installing foot pulls on the bottom of the door. A hands-free foot pull allows the user to pull open a door with the bottom of their shoe, so they don't have to touch that dirty handle.

We understand that caring for your tenants and maintaining a clean environment is of the utmost importance, especially in today's world of Coronavirus. Please contact us if we can assist you in replacing any of your fixtures and help you get your public restrooms completely touchless.


Lisa D. Bessette

Customer Success Manager at Ohana Building Services Group


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