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Color Me Energized

As your building enters into the decade of 2020, you may be wanting to update your walls with a fresh splash of color. Whether you choose blue for a relaxed and serene environment or orange to energize your space, you may be able to influence the mood of you and your employees with the color you choose for your office walls. Consider what mood you want to create in your space and what color will help to achieve that mood. Color also has the power to change the shape and size of the room itself: as a general rule, dark walls make a room seem smaller, and light walls make a room seem larger.

According to an article from Freshome, these are the feelings each paint color can evoke in a room:

Red - can raise blood pressure and a room's energy level

Yellow - communicates happiness and can be uplifting

Blue - is said to lower blood pressure and is considered calming

Green - considered to be the most restful color for the eye and may help to relieve stress

Purple - is associated with feelings of luxury and creativity

Orange - is an energetic color and evokes feelings of excitement and enthusiasm

Black - use this color sparingly, as it will make a space feel very small and dark

White - can make a space feel clean, open, and larger

If you would like to update the paint colors in your building, please contact us for a quote!


Lisa D. Bessette

Customer Success Manager at Ohana Building Services Group


We care for you and your property, so you can care for your customers.

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